May is upset about Dawn’s outburst in the pub and a worried Rob suggests that they call off the plan to adopt Dawn’s baby. But May is determined and she rallies herself and insists that they carry on. Meanwhile, Dawn gets disapproving looks from the locals after revealing her affair with Rob in the pub. Dawn tells Rob that she needs to spend some time with him and suggests booking a hotel.

Deano is still feeling down about his dad’s disappearance and Shirley’s attempts to reassure him don’t help. Deano needs some company and talks Chelsea into meeting him in the Vic for a drink. Shirley spots the pair and insists they join her and Mickey.

Bert is less than impressed when Jay’s guardian Beryl turns up and tells him that she can’t look after Jay any more – Bert will have to have him. Jay goes missing and Yolande helps Beryl track him down. Bert reluctantly searches and finds Jay at the bus stop and persuades him to go home with him. Beryl takes Jay aside for a quiet chat and is angry with him for misbehaving. Beryl goes to hit Jay, but Jay catches her arm…

Also, Libby blackmails Darren into walking her to school after catching wind of his latest scam; Shirley gets a job in the Vic.

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