Dawn discovers May’s contract is a sham

Dawn is looking forward to moving into her new flat but when she comes across the surrogacy contract it reminds her that her future is still uncertain. Dawn visits Stella for some advice and she’s hugely relieved when Stella reveals that the contract is not legally binding. An elated Dawn confronts Rob and rips the contract up, saying that there’s nothing to stop them now from starting a new life together. A worried Rob tells May about the latest turn of events and May is left fuming. She insists that they carry on with their plot to get Dawn’s baby as planned.

Ben is worried about going into school and facing more aggro from the bullies. He hides his hearing aid under the sofa to try to stay at home but Phil is wise to his tricks and refuses. Later, Stella comes across Ben’s hearing aid and coolly drops it into a cup of tea. Stella picks Ben up from school and reveals that she knows he hid his hearing aid – and she’s destroyed it. When Stella learns that Ben wet himself at school, she promises not to tell Phil and is pleased to see Ben’s discomfort.

Stacey makes plans to meet up with Max and she’s irritated when he has to cancel to babysit Abi and Lauren while Tanya has a night out with the girls. But Stacey is determined to see her lover and she turns up in an overcoat, with little on underneath. Max has a close call when Abi nearly walks in and sees them.

Also, Billy decides to open up an internet café; Mickey is gutted when he loses his job with Billy.

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