Dawn escapes from Rob and May

Dawn is being held hostage by May and a duplicitous Rob and she’s handcuffed to the bed. May injects her with a sedative when Dawn refuses to let her check her over, while Rob nervously looks on. Dawn is horrified when she realises that May is planning on giving her a C-section to steal her baby. Dawn struggles and she knocks Rob unconscious and makes a run for it. She grabs May’s car keys and speeds off in her car, leaving a devastated May looking on.

Phil discovers that Ben has been asked to go on a trip to a football camp and he’s disappointed when Ben shows little interest. Stella overhears and later pops out and returns with a mystery package. Stella tells Ben that they’re going to make Phil very happy and presents an uneasy Ben with a pair of football boots.

Yolande worries about leaving Patrick on his own while she goes to her sister’s wedding in Jamaica. Yolande sees Patrick helping out Peggy as she stumbles down from a ladder after watering the hanging baskets outside the Vic and she warns Patrick to stay clear of the landlady.

Also, Carly finds living with Sean at the Slaters’ hard going.

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