Dawn foresees her destiny

Dawn is still torn between sexy Jase and dependable Garry. Both suitors head over to see her on the pretext of fixing her shoes, but Jase gets there first. Garry asks Mo to give Dawn a tarot reading and fix it in his favour. Mo tells Dawn that her destiny lies with a man in red. Garry dons a red t-shirt but when he nips to the loo at the Vic, Dawn walks in and sees Jase wearing red! Dawn gives Jase a passionate kiss and Garry is devastated.

Ian confronts Jane about the wedding invite from her brother Christian and his boyfriend Ashley. Jane reveals she has fallen out with Christian, but Ian thinks they should go to the ceremony or it will look bad. Jane is furious when Ian reveals that he’s invited Christian for dinner.

Billy and Honey are in a fix after breaking one of Pat’s lamps in the heat of their passion. Billy finds some glue to repair it, but then glues stuck the living room light switch and makes a mess of Pat’s electrics!

Also, Ronnie and Roxy fall out over Roxy’s ‘date’ – a meeting with their dad Archie; Hazel wants a Country and Western theme for the wedding.

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