Dawn goes into labour on the Tube!

Garry is stunned when a shaken Dawn turns up at the Arches and he takes her home to the Millers. Dawn is terrified when Rob turns up at the house, but he pleads with Dawn and tells her that he’s had May sectioned. Dawn doesn’t feel safe in Walford and leaves to visit Rosie. But on the tube train, Dawn doubles in pain and her waters break…

Carly feels isolated after her falling out with Kevin and Shirley makes her move. Shirley ‘reveals’ that Carly’s real dad was a handsome fireman and Carly is initially taken in by her story, but she soon realises that Shirley is making it up. A disgusted Carly shoves Shirley, who is nearly run over by Charlie. An unrepentant Carly tells Shirley to leave Walford once and for all.

Ben is apprehensive when Stella keeps him out of school and tells him that she has a surprise for him. Stella reveals that they’re going to practice his football skills so that he can make Phil proud. Ben starts to enjoy himself, but his enthusiasm gets him into trouble when he accidentally kicks the ball at Stella. Poor Ben is terrified about what she’ll do.

Also, Peggy sneakily takes potshots at Yolande with Ben’s water gun!

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