Dawn has a horrible hen night

Jase is frantic after reading the sinister note and he tells Billy it’s a stitch-up and Jay has been taken. Meanwhile, Dawn thinks Jase is having a night in with his stags and she sets off to her hen night at the club. Dawn is left disappointed when all the girls she’s invited call to say they can’t make it.

Dawn is forced to invite Shirley and Heather to her hen night and she tries not to get upset as she recites her speech about the support of her friends. Dawn shows Heather and Shirley her beautiful wedding dress and they are impressed by how stunning she looks, but the mood turns sour after Dawn makes fun of Shirley when she finds out that Shirley has a thing about Phil.

Meanwhile, Jase has jumped into the driving seat of the van and speeds off, with a terrified Billy in the passenger seat. Jase tries an old haunt of Terry’s but he’s frantic when he isn’t there. Jay manages to call Jase from the flat and Jase speeds back to the Square and bursts in. Jase finds Jay, caught between Terry and two of his thugs…

Also, Vinnie is stunned when the ‘intruder’ turns out to be his son, Callum!

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