Dawn has a narrow escape

Dawn cowers behind the door in her undies when Garry walks into the room but she sneaks out when Garry is distracted. Minty confronts Dawn about her affair and reminds her that Garry has attempted suicide in the past. Garry drops off Dawn to ‘see her mum’. Minty finds Dawn before she leaves and he accuses her of being a coward for running away.

Shirley is stunned when she overhears Heather speaking to the nurse about her pregnancy and she bursts into the room and confronts her friend. Shirley and Heather return to the Square and Heather is upset when Shirley assumes she’s booking an abortion. Heather reveals that she’s five months’ gone, but Shirley is like a bull in a china shop and tells Heather she needs to arrange an adoption.

Peggy and Pat meet up for their evening with Patrick and Charlie. Peggy and Pat are annoyed when Mo crashes their soiree and the women make digs at each other about their advancing years. Mo comments that cosmetic surgery is cheaper than it used to be and with that in mind, she makes a call to her mate Marilyn…

Also, Roxy receives a mysterious text; Minty and Manda finally consummate their relationship.