Dawn has her eye on Jase

Dawn talks Jase into helping her assemble the replacement buggy she’s bought for Summer. Dawn attempts to flirt with Jase while he gets on with the job but it takes him a while to take the bait. Meanwhile, Bird continues to hang around the Square despite Jase’s insistence that he has a new life and he wants nothing to do with his old comrades.

Ronnie and Roxy are horrified when they discover that the pub has been broken into and Peggy has been attacked. Peggy is evasive when Ronnie asks if she’s phoned the police. Peggy is gutted when the loss adjustor tells her she can’t make an insurance claim without a police report. Sean points out that the police will see through her scam and an ashamed Peggy admits the truth to a disappointed Ronnie.

Tanya is miserable after another clash with Rachel when Max is inattentive. Sean pays Tanya a surprise visit and boosts her confidence by turning on the charm. Tanya falls for Sean’s compliments and when he leans in to give her a passionate kiss she gives into temptation, before guiltily breaking away.

Also, Stacey is furious when Mo loses the wedding invites; Masood accidentally lets Mo sell some of the family possessions!

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