Dawn finds a receipt for some jewellery in Jase‘s pocket and is expectant when he says he has a ‘surprise’ for her. Dawn is hopeful that Jase is about to propose, but she feels rejected when the ‘surprise’ turns out to be a new white van and Jase has to cut short their evening when he gets a call from his new employer.

Tanya and Jack managed to escape detection, but Tanya has to do some quick thinking when Lauren discovers Jack’s underwear upstairs and she lies that they belong to Max. Later, Tanya gets a huge bouquet and she angrily tells Jack that she is not comfortable with romantic surprises. Tanya feels embarrassed when she discovers the flowers were from a kindly Jane.

Patrick confiscates Chelsea’s coke and tells Yolande that Chelsea has a drug habit. Chelsea is at her lowest ebb and she begs Tanya for her job and is left distraught when Tanya turns her down. Patrick takes matters into his own hands and locks Chelsea in her room while he gets help.

Also, Bradley takes Clare to the new show house to impress her and makes a clumsy attempt to kiss her; Keith stays with the Masoods; Liam worries about his dyslexia test.

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