Young love proves to be dangerous for Dawn when she falls for Billy Garrett, the barman filling in at the Aidensfield Arms while Oscar putts his golf before business – and she’s not the only one who should be wary of Billy the kid.

A saboteur is targeting farmer Harry Brown and Pc Joe Mason discovers there’s a long list of people who aren’t happy with Harry. The case becomes more serious when his wife, Rose (played by BAFTA winner Phyllis Logan), is nearly killed after the brakes fail on their car. Then Harry’s farm is set alight. It’s young Billy who rescues him – and it’s Billy who wants him dead. But Harry doesn’t know that when he goes to the pub to thank Billy. He finds out when Billy turns on him with a shotgun.

Meanwhile, Peggy and David are creating their own drama. Peggy’s solicitor, Ronnie Smethers (a recurring role for Tim Brooke-Taylor), hires her to take an inventory of items in the home of recently deceased Mrs Brooks. That’s Peggy’s invitation to help herself to anything with any value, but David is worried. Something’s going ‘bump’ in the attic and he’s sure it’s Mrs Brooks’ ghost. When Peggy takes a look, though, she gets a big surprise.