Dawn makes a surprise decision

Garry is miserable after a row with Dawn and he tells Minty that he doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong. Minty confronts Dawn and she reveals she’s split up with Phil but lies that she did the dumping. Minty worries when Garry tells him that if Dawn doesn’t want him then there’s no point. Minty fears the worst when Garry gets a call from Dawn but later on Garry and Dawn burst into the Vic and announce that they’re getting married!

Denise insists that she won’t be emotionally blackmailed into seeing Owen but under pressure from Lucas and Chelsea, who are worried about Libby, she agrees. Denise visits Owen and is sceptical when he insists he’s changed. Denise tells Owen that she’s getting married. Libby is disappointed when Denise returns and insists that he’s still the same old Owen.

Tanya confesses to a stunned Jane that Max is moving back in and Jane wonders how Tanya can ever trust him. Tanya insists that she knows what she’s doing and she invites Jane and Ian for dinner to prove to them that Max is committed to their relationship.

Also, Roxy organises a housewarming party for Archie, determined to give him a chance to show everyone his good side.

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