Jase is surprised when he sees May in the Square but he is still unaware of May’s true identity. Meanwhile, Dawn has Jase running around helping her out as she prepares Summer for the Best Baby competition and Jase misses meeting up with Jay. A mortified Jase tells Dawn that he doesn’t know if he can juggle being a husband to her with being a dad to Jay. A devastated Dawn runs home – and is confronted by May!

Lucy meets up with Olly and tells him she’s got the keys to Christian’s flat. The teenagers let themselves into the flat and are soon kissing passionately. A key turns in the lock and Christian walks into the room and demands to know what’s going on. Lucy is defiant, but it’s clear that she is relieved that Christian interrupted them before things went too far.

Heather and Vinnie are helping Shirley set up the Best of British day at the Vic but Shirley is furious when the food turns up and Heather has unwittingly ordered a job lot of German specialities! Heather is sent off to sort more catering out fast and she begs Ian to help her out.

Also, Jack questions Tanya about why Max left Walford.

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