Dawn offers herself to Garry

Dawn is excited when she wins some chips on the roulette table at the party, but she feels guilty that she hasn’t kicked her money obsession and runs out. Garry follows and offers to get a DVD and a takeaway. Garry returns to a naked Dawn waiting for him, but he realises her vulnerable state and resists temptation. A humiliated Dawn decides to quit Walford for a bit and visit Keith and Rosie.

Stacey breaks off her kiss with Callum and finds Bradley to make up with him. Stacey feels guilty when Bradley presents her with an expensive eternity ring. Meanwhile, Callum tells Vinnie that he’s fallen for Stacey. Later, Stacey meets up with Callum and tells him to stay away from her.

Max escapes from the office with a memory stick that was hidden in the locked box. Max uploads the memory stick onto the computer and discovers something interesting… Max tells Phil that Jack has kept the recording of him and Darren talking about the cut-and-shut cars that killed Kevin and he asks Phil to help him get Jack banged up.

Also, Archie invites a broken Billy to move into the Vic; Bianca can’t understand why Whitney has no interest in boys.

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