Dawn feels fat and frumpy as her pregnancy starts to show and she worries that Rob will go off her. When she sees Rob laughing and chatting with May in the pub she snaps and announces to the whole pub that she’s quitting her job – as she’s pregnant with Rob’s baby!

Carly is worried when she’s called home for a meeting with Pc Henderson. She’s stunned when he makes it clear that Kevin’s disappearance could be more than temporary and suggests the family lodge a missing persons report. A stressed Carly returns to The Arches and she’s pushed to the edge when Phil tells her off for making a mistake on a car. Carly grabs a spanner and smashes the car windscreen…

Dot is sad in the wake of Martin, Sonia and Rebecca’s decision to leave Walford and the Square notice that she’s looking a bit down. Jim worries about his wife and tells her that he’s organised a break to Clacton to cheer her up. Dot is touched when Jim assures her that he’ll always be there for her.

Also, Ben wants to go on holiday with Phil during half-term; Ian plans to buy Pauline’s house.

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