Dawn has no idea that Jase has died and, determined to turn over a new leaf and cast aside her obsession with money, she turns up at the register office in a casual outfit instead of her flashy wedding dress. Meanwhile, Garry has learnt that Jase has died and he rushes to the register office to break the news.

Dawn is shell-shocked as she takes in the terrible news and she rushes off to find Jay. Dawn is even more devastated when a bitter Jay accuses Dawn of being responsible for Jase�s death. Meanwhile, Billy quietly steals Jase�s bag of cash from the van and sneaks it home. Billy feels guilty for being a coward when an unwitting Jay proclaims him a hero for trying to help his dad.

Honey discovers that Billy lied about helping Jase and instead hid out in the bathroom. She is even more disgusted with him when he hands her Jase�s money and she tells him she wants nothing to do with the cash.

Also, Minty agrees to let Callum stay with them in the flat; Minty and Vinnie end up with a knackered boat as payment for working on Cynthia�s car when she can�t come up with the cash.

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