Dawn’s doubts overwhelm her

Dawn worries that Jase‘s hectic work schedule is a cover for an affair and she tracks him to his new employer’s address to spy on him. Jase catches her lurking outside and is hurt by Dawn’s lack of trust. Dawn demands to know what the jewellery receipt was for and a frustrated Jase insists he bought her a necklace as a surprise. Dawn worries she’s about to get dumped when Jase texts her to meet him in the curry house.

Bradley feels under pressure when an arrogant Piers wants him to ask Jack to get him the VIP room at R&R for free. Piers makes Bradley use the company credit card to pay for the room when Jack insists on a fee. Bradley takes Clare to R&R and worries that his job is in jeopardy when Clare points out that Piers and his mates are taking cocaine.

Patrick has brought Lucas to the Square to sort out Chelsea and he explains that they have just two days to get Chelsea clean before Denise returns from her travels. Meanwhile, Chelsea has escaped from her bedroom window and is in the club, partying with Piers.

Also, Keith receives a mysterious letter; Ricky supports Liam by doing the dyslexia test with him.

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