Dawn is feeling uncomfortable about Rob’s volatile temper and expresses her worries to Keith. But when Dawn and Rob see May in the Square she puts on a show of togetherness to prove that May can’t split them up. May has problems later in the day when Naomi confronts her about Mrs Patel’s mysterious double prescription. May plants the drugs in Naomi’s bag to set her up and ensure her silence.

Budding tycoon Darren has a bad day for business when Li discovers his ‘Watch A Grown Man Rot’ website and threatens to tell Keith unless he pays her hush money. A disgruntled Darren agrees, but then he discovers that that the account has been cleaned out. Keith discovered the extra money and thought it was a banking error, quickly spending the cash on a huge TV before the bank ‘found out’!

Max is worried that Stacey will find out about Tanya’s pregnancy when Tanya buys a maternity book from a market stall. Bradley guesses that Tanya is having a baby and wonders why Max has kept it quiet from the family.

Also, Phil plans to bring forward his wedding to Stella.

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