Mathematician Hannah Fry reveals how much the planet can change in just 24 hours and how these daily changes are essential to humanity’s existence

We might measure the age of the Earth in billions of years, but plenty can and does happen to our home planet in a single day. Using the latest imaging technology and imaginative CGI, Hannah Fry and the scientists she talks to, hop around the globe to chart a day in the life of the Earth on land, sea and in the air.

Glaciologist Heidi Sevestre studies the speed of glaciers and has found that some can travel at up to 60 or 70 metres a day

Watching new land being created and rock arriving from space, or seeing sand from the Sahara being whipped into the air to be deposited in the Amazon, forests burning down or five billion tonnes of oxygenating phytoplankton being produced in the ocean every day, this really is a glorious series of wows.

TV Times rating: ****