The threat of climate change becomes terrifyingly real for the likes of Dennis Quaid and his son Jake Gyllenhaal when the world’s weather goes into meltdown.

It’s bad enough when when a tidal wave overwhelms New York and a series of tornadoes lay waste to LA, but then there’s a cold snap that’s so extreme it covers the entire UK and freezes helicopters in mid-air.

Director Roland Emmerich has a whale of a time with the awesome special effects – a ship floating down a Manhattan street and a submerged Statue of Liberty are highlights – but it does leave the human side of the story out in the cold.

Still, the cast is worth watching. Quaid is the weather expert whose warnings of impending disaster go unheeded and he sets off on an epic cross-country trek to rescue Gyllenhaal, who’s picked the wrong time to be in New York.