Louise prepares for the upcoming village pageant and is taking her beauty queen float very seriously. She splashes out some serious money to hire some glamorous costumes for the event and she can’t resist secretly trying them on. Louise is mortified when she spots Daz spying on her and she swears him to secrecy. Louise mourns the fact that she’s well past her sell-by date, as far as being a beauty queen goes, but an impressed Daz assures her that she’s still beautiful.

Scarlett confronts Jimmy and demands to know the truth about Tom’s death and more about his relationship with her mum Carrie. Jimmy insists that he and his brothers had nothing to do with Tom’s death, despite their arrest, and he reveals that Tom had an affair with Carrie while his mother was dying. Scarlett is shocked by the information and Jimmy tries to comfort her. Carrie arrives and warns Jimmy to stay away from Scarlett, but Scarlett makes it clear that she’s horrified that Carrie betrayed a dying woman to be with Tom.

Shadrach wonders what Zak is up to when he sees him disappearing into the gamekeeper’s hut with Rosemary. Zak is returning Rosemary’s cheque for Belle’s school trip, but a dozy Shadrach assumes that they’re having an affair. Zak is amused by his brother’s mistake and decides to play along with it. But the joke wears thin when Zak reveals he was winding him up and Shadrach refuses to believe him!

Also, Edna needs a home for Tootsie’s puppies.