Daz has a disastrous birthday

Debbie organises a birthday party for Daz and Daz is over the moon when an old schoolfriend, Penny, shows up and he gets lucky. But the night turns sour when Billy and Jack get into a furious argument and a hurt Daz erupts and accuses the two men of ruining his chances of being a normal teenager. Daz storms out of the house and disaster strikes when he runs straight into the path of Diane’s car and is left badly injured…

It’s clear that Debbie and Eli are cut from the same Dingle mould when they get up to mischief at Daz’s birthday party. The pair set off some fireworks but Debbie is horrified when Eli reveals he got them from Shadrach, as they make a huge noise. Edna is furious when she and her dogs are disturbed and she sends Billy out to investigate and Jack is angry that Debbie has woken Sarah. A defiant Debbie refuses to apologise.

Also, Matthew and Carl are frustrated that Jimmy is refusing to come round to their way of thinking – cut Scarlett out of the family for ever. Matthew and Carl are forced to gather funds to buy Scarlett’s shares behind Jimmy’s back. Matthew decides to use strong arm tactics to hasten the sale and cuts off Carrie’s monthly maintenance payments in the hope that she’ll drop her price for the shares out of desperation