Daz broaches the subject of Billy with Andy and tells him that he wants to see his dad. Andy is furious and insists that Daz keep his distance as Billy is no good. Daz can’t resist his feelings, however, and he agrees to secretly meet Billy, who insists that he wants to make up for his past mistakes. Neither of them see sly teenager Victoria spying on their meeting…

Jo becomes increasingly frustrated with Andy’s failure to make a decision about whether to dump Katie and she’s left even more upset when Katie asks her to leave her and Andy alone for the evening. Jo storms out of the farm and heads to the Woolpack where she flirts with an older man. Jo is shocked when she finds out that the stranger is none other than Andy’s dad Billy.

Slimy journalist McNally sniffs around the village trying to get a scoop on Billy’s release, but Jack sends him packing when he catches him trying to talk to Andy and Daz. McNally orders Jasmine to get some information out of Daz and Jasmine feels guilty when Daz opens up about his anguish after she feigns concern. Jasmine lies to McNally that Daz refused to tell her anything.