DC Chaudry jumps to conclusions

DC Indu Chaudry is called when a man, Naz, is found lying in a pool of blood alongside his mistress, Dawn, and wife, Priya, through an arranged marriage. Chowdry assumes that Naz has been abusing his wife, but soon discovers that Priya has been manipulating Naz for money and his injuries were caused by one of their many scuffles. Dawn is released but Priya is held for more questioning.

Ayesha is having what she thinks is a lovely evening with Sierra cooking her favourite meal and watching a DVD but Sierra is having none of it and pushes Ayesha to the limit. 

By contrast Emma and Franc have a lovely evening. Franc takes Emma to a gorgeous restaurant and they chat and flirt. At the end of the evening they kiss and Emma invites him in.