DC Henshall runs to Katie’s aid

Has somebody got it in for Katie and Gennie? It’s starting to look that way after they get back from a girls’ night out and find that Victoria Cottage has been burgled. Someone has broken in and trashed the place, but not taken much. Gennie pushes Katie to call her cop-with-a-crush, DC Henshall. He comes running, but offers little comfort when he says that it looks like Katie and Gennie have a nasty enemy. Would that be the same person who’s been making the funny phone calls…?

And is the same sick person sending Pollard mysterious letters and cards from ‘Elizabeth’? Pollard’s worried sick about this ‘Elizabeth’ and Amy wonders why… She wants to know if ‘Elizabeth’ is Pollard’s bit on the side. Die-hard fans will know that Elizabeth is the name of his wife – the one conveniently killed by the plane crash on 30 December 1993, just before she was going to report Pollard to the police for fraud – a crime he had framed Elizabeth’s son Michael for (yes, Pollard has been a very bad boy in the past).

Talking of legal problems… Alicia really should get some advice about Justin’s claim for custody of Jacob.

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