DC Jacob Banks joins Sun Hill

A hungover DC Mickey Webb is introduced to new recruit, DC Jacob Banks at a crime scene, where private detective Harry Burroughs has been found murdered.

Elsewhere, Pc Emma Keane and Sergeant Stone clash when Stone gives her the grim task of informing Harry’s wife about his death. Knowing that Stone has a special relationship with his other Pcs, Emma feels frustrated and takes it out on PC Sally Armstrong who is left feeling guilty.

Back at the station, the investigation offers a long list of suspects. Jenny Curtis is interviewed about her ex-husband’s hatred towards Harry after he uncovered a huge secret which tore his family apart, but she is adamant he wouldn’t harm anyone.

Later, the officers track down Jim Lawson, who tells the officers that Harry had recently been investigating the disappearance of his daughter. When the culprit is finally uncovered, the officers are shocked but pleased to get a result and, at the end of day, Jacob bonds with his new colleagues.