In the conclusion of this two-part story, the burning question is: who shot and killed Paul Sorrel?

If the Sun Hill officers could find out why Paul was shot it would help them work out who pulled the trigger. But that’s the biggest mystery of all. Sgt Jo Masters tells her team that all evidence points to Paul being that rare commodity in Sun Hill: a good kid, who has never been in trouble with the police. Was the poor lad just in the wrong place at the wrong time? No… His cousin Bobby reveals that Paul had got involved in dealing cannabis to make some fast money to help his cash-strapped mother.

The officers are convinced that Paul was in business with small-time dealer Devon Marshall, who was hit by a car as he fled the scene where Paul was shot. Devon denies everything, though, and refuses to co-operate with the police. But he changes his mind when his house is burgled and his car is torched. Now Devon’s scared and does a deal with DC Mickey Webb. He confesses he was with Paul when he was shot and that they were both threatened by a nasty piece of work called Jedda. But it was someone else who fired the gun…