Dead man talking? Mark sends Natasha flowers

Rather annoyingly for Natasha, bigamist Mark Wylde just has not stayed dead. So far, that’s mainly been because of nasty Nathan, who keeps resurrecting his father to torment and blackmail his mother. Things take a spooky turn when Natasha gets flowers from Mark – paid for with his credit card. Isn’t he supposed to be pushing up daisies instead of sending them??? The only people who know that, though, are Natasha and Nathan. Natasha thinks Nathan is up to his old tricks, but he swears he’s innocent. But if he didn’t send them, who did?

There’s no mystery surrounding Aaron and Jackson – they’re in a relationship and Aaron admits it to Chas. That causes her to come over all motherly and she talks to Jackson, asking him to handle her son’s heart with care. Meanwhile, Marlon’s another Dingle who gets lucky in love when Rhona tells him to get a grip and ask her out. Ah, romance isn’t dead – it’s just lacking the hearts and flowers…

Charming Charlie can usually be relied upon for grand gestures but there is no way for him to dress up the fact that he has to return to France next week. How’s Diane going to feel about that? Will she bid him adieu – or will she say I’m coming, too?!

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