With Bernie Scripps away at a convention, David and Peggy have a problem corpse on their hands when a Swedish stranger wants to make use of the Chapel of Rest as he waits for a ship to take his father’s body back to Stockholm. But the coffin isn’t all it seems!

Elsewhere, Carol gets more than she bargained for on a call-out when her car is stolen by three young lads. Worse still, she left a medical bag full of drugs on the backseat…

Meanwhile, Rosie (pictured, with Fergus) has a stop-start romantic liaison with one of her customers: local vet, Fergus. He tries to woo her with not one but TWO dinner dates. Unfortunately, neither goes to plan.

But they aren’t the only couple experiencing trouble in the love department. When Bellamy uses his day off to visit his grandma rather than spend time with Gina, she confronts him about his unusual behaviour. Is their blossoming romance already heading for the rocks?