Deadly outbreak!

Zoe faces her toughest challenge ever when the hospital is overrun with patients – including dozens of schoolchildren – all suffering the symptoms of an E.coli infection. The doctor’s battle to stop the spread of this deadly bug plays out in a dramatic two-part story that concludes next week…

One anxious parent at hospital is local farmer and food manufacturer Rob (Midsomer Murders’ star Daniel Casey) whose young son, Bobby, becomes seriously ill after being brought to ED with a hand injury. Gradually, ever more patients arrive with the same symptoms, including many of Bobby’s classmates. It’s clear to everyone that the hospital has a major health catastrophe on its hands.

Determined to warn others about what could be happening, Rob takes a photo of ailing Bobby, then leaks the big story to the Holby Gazette, causing a whole host of other problems for Zoe…

Unaware that Rob has informed the press, Zoe is ambushed by the television news crew while outside having a crafty cigarette.

She loses her cool and most of her co-workers are furious!

Meanwhile, Fletch and Zoe have figured out the source of the outbreak – Rob’s farm!