Dean and Mick make a shock discovery!

Mick and Dean have spent the night in a B&B near to the caravan. Determined to ensure that Shirley returns home to the Square, they hatch a plan. After attaching the caravan to the back of Mick’s car, they drive it back to Walford with Shirley shut inside. Back in the Square, Mick and Dean open the caravan door, getting the shock of their lives when they see what’s inside!

Linda is due to have her abortion, lying to Mick she’ll be out for a few hours Christmas shopping. She’s soon waylaid, however, when Lee admits he’s frightened about his temper after his attack on Ben. Realising she needs to spend time with her son, Linda reschedules her appointment. Mick, meanwhile, thinks Linda has been planning a special Christmas present for him, pressing redial to find out who she’s been calling. Linda turns up just as Mick finds gets through to the clinic. A shocked Mick demands to know what’s going on.

Tina reads up on prostate cancer, hoping she can find a way to help Stan. Tosh advises Tina to be careful, insisting Stan may be lying, as there’s no way to guarantee that anything he says is true. Tina arranges an appointment with Stan’s consultant and is devastated to discover that Stan is refusing any more medical help.

Also, Johnny’s surprised to learn that Ben is now with Abi.