Dean attacks Roxy!

In this Boxing Day special, Dean is frustrated when his ‘perfect’ Christmas dinner doesn’t go to plan. Learning that Buster, Shirley and Jade have already eaten with the Carters, Dean is furious. Infuriated by Dean, Shirley returns to The Vic, leaving him to stew in his own juices.

Dean is brooding alone when Roxy arrives, prompting him to snap. Throwing a gravy boat at the wall, Dean accidentally injures Roxy, cutting her cheek. Shocked by Dean’s temper, Roxy storms out. He runs after her, begging her not to go, but Roxy insists it’s over between them.

Martin and Lily are shocked when they find Kat, who tells them that Alfie and the kids are still in Spain. But there are more surprises in store when Alfie arrives in the Square with Tommy and the twins.

Meanwhile, Jane decides to turn herself into the police. As Bobby comforts Jane, Ian tries to convince her to change her mind. With tensions high, Sharon tells Ian that their friendship is finished for good.