Dean catches Shirley stealing from him!

Dean prepares for the opening of his new salon, Blades. Meanwhile, Shirley is desperate when she tries to reason with Phil over returning his money and he won’t budge. Turning on the ‘proud mum’ act, Shirley gives Dean a hug, pickpocketing the key for the Blades’ cash till. Sneaking into the salon to empty the till, Shirley is caught in the act by a furious Dean.

Linda is determined to sort out Johnny’s bad grades, going behind his back to see his University lecturer in a bid to get him to reconsider the results. When Johnny finds out what Linda has done, he’s furious that she’s embarrassed him. Getting his own back, he encourages her to sing at the Vic karaoke, knowing she has a horrible voice. After an angry showdown, Johnny packs a bag and leaves Walford…

Aleks reprimands Alfie for getting Terry to help him out on the stall, as Terry doesn’t have a licence. Keen for Aleks not to report it, Alfie goes to apologise, finding Aleks up to something on his laptop. Startled, Aleks throws him out of the office, later telling a puzzled Alfie that he won’t tell as long as Alfie doesn’t.

Also, Sharon secretly keeps Ronnie’s gun.