Dean gets fresh with Linda!

Linda has some reservations about modelling for Dean’s photoshoot when she learns that he’s also asked Whitney and Lauren. Soothing her insecurities, Dean talks her round. After doing a fantastic job in making Linda looking stunning, Dean joins the ladies for the shoot. As they pose for a photo, Linda is taken aback when Dean inappropriately touches her bum.

Phil pays Lee a visit, convincing him to let Billy go to the police himself. Mick and Linda are relieved when Lee agrees not to get involved. When Lola learns that Phil is planning to get Billy off the hook by suggesting Peter might have got into the flat the night Lucy died, she is furious. Phil, however, reminds Lola of family loyalty, convincing her to let him go ahead with the plan. When the police arrive to take Billy’s statement, however, Billy can’t bring himself to make Peter the fall guy. Billy tells a frustrated Phil that he’s done the right thing.

Emma visits Max, but he’s in for a shock when she makes it clear she’s not there for more passion. Conflicted about their secret liaisons and after the revelations about Max’s sordid romantic past, Emma tells a gutted Max that their relationship is over.