Dean continues to turn Roxy against Ronnie after showing Roxy, Sharon and Vincent the mess Ronnie made of The Albert. Back at the engagement party, Dean shows Ronnie up in front of everyone, prompting Roxy to leave. At home, Roxy and Ronnie come to blows, with Roxy telling her sister she’d choose Dean over her.

Dean seems unconcerned when Shirley tells him that she’s talking to Mick again. It’s clear his unruffled reaction is just a front, however, when he later heads to the Vic. Dean congratulates Mick for reuniting with Shirley, infuriating Linda, who storms out. Spotting something suspicious outside, Ronnie gives Dean a final warning to stay away from Roxy, but Dean throws it back in her face.

Billy talks to Honey, insisting he’s changed. After reuniting with Janet, Honey gets an upsetting call, learning Will’s agent has dropped him from the books meaning they won’t be going back to Canada. As Billy gears himself up to tell Honey how he feels about her, he’s mortified to learn she’s heard his drunken voicemail. Honey is understanding and gives him a hug.

Also, Kim’s caught in a compromising position by Claudette when she moves in with Vincent!