Dean is sweet on Linda!

*Hour-long episode*

Linda forces Nancy into a shopping trip with her on her birthday when her own mum stands her up. When they bump into Dean, who offers Linda a birthday pamper, Nancy is only too pleased to offload her mum. Dean helps Linda to relax and enjoys spending time with her. When Mick invites Dean to Linda’s birthday meal, Dean is chuffed. Mick doesn’t realise that Dean is becoming infatuated with her!

Carol visits Dot, who gives her some honest advice about her upcoming operation. When Carol arrives home, she finds a representative from a loan company, Mr Turner, on the doorstep. It’s down to Liam to break the news to Carol that Bianca has huge money problems. After getting her old cafe job back, Carol is offered an opportunity by Tina – selling cannabis with her!

Alfie realises they need to tell Roxy about Aleks’ secret wife but Tamwar chickens out of delivering the bad news. After telling Roxy what he and Tamwar found out, Alfie is concerned when Roxy won’t take him seriously. At dinner, Aleks is shifty about his life in Latvia when Roxy questions him. Roxy asks Tamwar for proof that Aleks is married and Tamwar shows her the laptop.

Carol and Bianca are confronted by the bailiff for the second day in a row. After seeing him off, Bianca is forced to admit to Sonia about her loan. Assuming that Bianca’s debt influenced Carol’s decision to have a single mastectomy, Sonia rows with Bianca. Meanwhile, knowing that selling some of their stuff will not raise nearly enough cash, Carol decides to take Tina up on her offer.

Sonia wants to help the family out with their money troubles, coming up with a fitness class called ‘Fat Blasters’ to raise extra cash. Sonia’s class is a success when she rallies the women of Walford to come along. Meanwhile, Bianca turns to Terry for support, causing him to stand up Nikki who wants to get back together with him. Instead, Terry and Bianca end up in bed.

Roxy is determined to get Aleks to confess to his secret wife, so she sets him up for a fall. Inviting him for dinner, Roxy confronts Aleks about his marriage. Although Aleks reveals that they’ve been separated for a long time, but stay married for the sake of their child, Roxy won’t forgive him for lying. Roxy has already taken revenge – she’s laced Aleks’s dinner with laxatives!