Dean reveals Ronnie’s dirty tricks to Roxy

Roxy is forced to confess to Ronnie that she’s seeing Dean in secret. After a huge row, Ronnie agrees to keep out of Roxy’s love life. Determined to take control of the situation, Ronnie invites Dean for dinner, making it clear Dean will have hell to pay if he hurts her sister. Shocked by Ronnie’s threats, Dean tells Roxy, who tries to defend her. Dean snaps, telling Roxy that her sister has been up to dirty tricks as she’s got a hidden CCTV camera.

Jane is stunned to learn that the blood in the car lot is Lucy’s, confirming Cora and Abi’s revelation about Max. With the Beale household on the edge, Jane and Ian’s row is interrupted by an angry Carol, who now knows about Ian’s offer to send Cindy and Liam to Devon. When Cindy and Liam backtrack on their promise to leave, Ian is at his wit’s end. The teens eventually agree to go to Germany instead to be with Liam’s dad.

Max has taken a severe beating in prison and is at a low ebb. Just as he thinks things can’t get any worse, Carol visits, revealing she’s now convinced of his guilt. Max has no one left…

Also, Paul tries to look after a desolate Les.