Deano is still in a deep depression following the recent appearance and disappearance of his long-lost mother and a worried Chelsea tries to talk to him. An increasingly distressed Deano takes off with Chelsea in his car when Abi appears in the road and he has to swerve to avoid her. Abi lies motionless while Deano and Chelsea are trapped in the car…

Max is full of good intentions when Tanya asks him to pick Abi up after her drama rehearsal and he promises that he’ll be there. But Max finds it difficult to resist the lure of Stacey and when she pulls him into a passionate snog, he forgets all about the time and Abi is forced to make her own way home.

Stella tries to bribe Ben into giving her some information on Phil’s friends in order to organise a surprise birthday party. Ben refuses to cooperate and Stella is forced to go searching for Phil’s contacts book. But she gets a surprise when she rifles through a box on top of Phil’s wardrobe and finds a collection of photos of his ex-wives and girlfriends!

Elsewhere, Martin does a disappearing act in the wake of Sonia’s departure.