Deano does a runner

Shirley worries about Deano when it’s clear that he’s in denial about going to prison and she sits him down for a talk. Deano finally breaks down and confesses that he’s terrified. Kevin interrupts the pair and he’s furious that Shirley has upset Deano. Later that night Deano sneaks out of the house with a bag and his passport, clearly intent on doing a runner.

Stacey is less than thrilled when Tanya interferes and invites a wedding stylist, Coral, to see her. Coral turns out to be a snooty nightmare and the girls see her off, but Stacey eventually tries on a couple of the dresses. Max arrives home and is stunned to find Stacey looking amazing in a sexy short wedding dress, but Tanya comes into the room and breaks the moment.

Roxy calls round to see Patrick to apologise for being nasty to him and Patrick decides to brave another visit to the Vic. Yolande, meanwhile, has been run off her feet trying to run the Minute Mart on her own yet again. She�s miffed when she goes into the Vic to see a cheery looking Patrick dancing with Roxy!

Also, Stacey asks Sean to give her away.

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