Deano’s back – and he aint ‘appy!

Shirley heads off to meet Deano on his release from prison, but Deano is already back in the Square. Deano breaks into Shirley’s flat and rifles through the cupboards, swigging from a bottle of vodka. Deano has a violent confrontation with Sean at the Vic and Phil chucks him out. Deano rounds on Shirley and attacks her, blaming her for making him a monster, and he leaves the Square.

Tanya leaves Clare looking after Oscar and the salon while she goes to a trade fair. But ‘caring’ Clare changes her attitude as soon as Tanya leaves and poor Oscar gets ignored. Clare takes Oscar for a walk and bumps into Max, who seizes the opportunity to look after his son. Tanya is furious when she returns and Clare promises to get Oscar, relishing the chance of seeing Max again.

Minty is hopeful when Heather reveals that Hazel does love him after all and he makes up with Garry. Minty and Garry decide to track down Hazel, but realise they need cash. The pair plot to let Heather continue to ‘be’ Hazel to win the wedding competition and claim the £20k.

Also, Stacey has been sold some dodgy stock; Christian arranges a date between Ian and a client!

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