Deano returns to Walford looking like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders and he’s less than friendly as everyone questions where he’s been. Deano is annoyed when Mo asks him what’s happened to Kevin and he blurts out that Kevin’s in Italy on a tax dodge.

The gossip spreads and Denise anxiously finds Deano and insists he tell her what’s going on. Deano is forced to admit that he made it up – he doesn’t know where Kevin is. Deano prepares to continue his search when Pc Henderson reveals Kevin’s car has been found abandoned in a village on the south coast. Carly reveals that the police suspect Kevin may have killed himself.

Bradley is miserable after Stacey’s knock-back and sadly tells Max that she must be seeing someone else. Worried that Bradley may do some detective work and discover his affair with Stacey, Max encourages Bradley to forget Stacey and get on with his life. An angry Max confronts Stacey and insists she tell Bradley that she’s a single girl or they risk being found out.

Meanwhile, Tanya has talked a reluctant Max into going to a marriage counsellor with her. Max has a close call when Tanya gets into the car and nearly spots Stacey’s earring, which has been left on the seat, and he quickly throws it out of the car.

Phil is having a bad day trying to sort out some business affairs and Stella offers to pick Ben and Abi up from school to give him more time. Ben is sullen and tells Stella that the only person who cares about him is his grandma, Peggy. Ben feels abandoned when Peggy cheerfully announces she’s off on a three-week cruise.

Also, Yolande confronts Jay about his truanting; Darren talks Libby into helping him with a new money-making idea.

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