Dean’s asking for trouble with Mick!

Linda and Mick worry that Dean won’t be brought to justice. Determined to behave normally, they hold a karaoke night at The Vic. In Blades, Dean is confronted by Stacey who tells him to stay away from her and Lily. Defiant, Dean joins Shirley, Patrick, Kim and Denise at The Vic. Dean’s presence at the pub infuriates Mick and Lee, who make sure he leaves. Just as things are about to kick off the police arrive and arrest Dean for alleged rape.

Sharon visits Phil and faces his wrath as he reveals he was visited by Max, who told him he’s the new owner of the Arches! Not wanting to let Ben face Phil’s fury, Sharon covers for him, letting Phil think she’s to blame. Ben is fearful, but Sharon reassures him that she’ll do whatever it takes to protect him.

Shabnam accepts she can’t push her friends away, offering an olive branch to Stacey. Whilst babysitting Kat’s kids, Stacey and Shabnam put their differences aside. A secret that has been haunting Shabnam for years is revealed when Shabnam blurts out that she fell pregnant after a one-night-stand, later abandoning her newborn baby on a doorstep!