Lucas confronts Dean with what he’s just seen, but Dean tells Lucas he isn’t gay, suggesting his friend Gareth has a crush on him and won’t leave him alone. Later, Lucas tells Matilda about Dean and she confronts him, but just as he is about to launch into the same story he gave Lucas, Constable Fitzgerald arrives, telling him she wants him to come to the station.

There, she shows Dean his photo from the Missing Persons file and encourages him to get in touch with his family, but Dean refuses. Back at Matilda’s, he tells her he’s not gay and Matilda believes his version of events. Lucas arrives home to find the couple canoodling and is furious when he realises Matilda has fallen for Dean’s lies.

Amanda feels flustered and shocked by Drew’s revelation that he fancies her. When Drew turns up to be painted in the nude by Belle, she can’t resist a glimpse of him in a pair of skimpy briefs. After seeing her checking him out, Drew confronts her, but she insists he’s feeling nothing more than a schoolboy crush and he shouldn’t mention his feelings again.

Also, Sally continues to lend her support to Brad who’s worried about a seriously ill Emily. Later, Brad breaks down in Sally’s arms before the phone rings and Sally gets some bad news.