‘Dear Debbie, Cameron’s all mine!’ (VIDEO)

Chas is usually one to shoot from the lip, but she’s keeping her mouth closed about leaving Emmerdale with Cameron. Instead, she writes a farewell letter to Debbie. Something along the lines of: ‘Dear Debbie, if you’re wondering right now where Cameron is, well, he’s with me – and he’s staying with me. Your ever-loving aunt, Chas’. Meanwhile, at Tug Ghyll cottage, Cameron’s filled with guilt as he spends his last night with Debbie, who has absolutely no idea that he’s planning to blow her world apart.

Ashley’s world has already been blown apart and Rodney sees how much he is suffering when he spots him in Hotten, looking for food in a bin. Caught out, Ashley admits he’s homeless. Rodney wants to help him, but Ashley wants to be left alone. Showing a remarkable talent for deceit (considering he was a vicar), Ashley asks Rodney to buy him a sandwich, then sneaks off. Back in Emmerdale, Rodney shocks Laurel and Sandy with the truth about Ashley’s homelessness and they all set out to find him.

Pollard shocks Brenda by telling her that David’s only marrying Alicia so that Jacob can stay with him if Alicia goes to prison.