Death in heaven

With Cybermen still on the loose in London the Doctor is locked in a race against time to save mankind. But first he must face a showdown with Missy, who last week revealed herself to be his deadliest nemesis – The Master!

Yet just when the Doctor looks impossibly outnumbered this week, help arrives from Unified Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT) including its Head of Scientific Research Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) and its leader Colonel Ahmed, played by comedian Sanjeev Bhaskar.

As the Doctor and UNIT battle to save mankind from the Cybermen, Clara’s desperately trying to rescue her teacher boyfriend Danny Pink, who was killed in last week’s episode and transported to the Nethersphere – a sinister place people go to when they die. With Danny desperate for her not to follow him there, will he face his greatest ever battle alone?

Clara soon realises the villainous 3W organisation will do anything to stop Danny escaping the Nethersphere. When they use a ghost from his past to force him into an impossible choice, Clara fears she has lost her beloved Danny for ever…