Stella’s outraged that Eva’s considering running off with Gloria’s ancient fiancé. But Eva takes umbrage, opening up about how unhappy she is in Weatherfield. Stella softens, reassuring Eva and begging her not to go with Eric. Eva prepares to let Eric down gently but it seems their relationship is cut short anyway when she is horrified to find he has died in the Rovers bar!

With Nick’s eyes burning into her, Gail loses her bottle and blusters that Kylie doesn’t want the baby. A row escalates and when Gail refuses to apologise, David orders her out leaving Kylie feeling guilty. After confiding in Sally a devastated Gail wonders whether it’s time to tell David the truth.

Ryan asks Katy to work with him in the kebab shop. Intrigued, she agrees to an interview with Dev, who offers her the job. Katy’s delighted but Chesney worries about her new found freedom.

Also, Anna’s cross to find Faye having a video conversation with Tim on her laptop; Lloyd lies to Mandy, saying he found Flash dead in his box and has had him cremated.