An act of God or man? A faith healer’s work turns sinister when an islander drops dead.

When American faith healer Steadman King (guest Steve Touissant) comes to the island, the aim is to miraculously cure the locals of their ailments.

But instead, one of the congregation takes a sip of holy water and drops down dead. Talk about bad publicity for his mission!

Ardal O’Hanlon’s Jack has very little sympathy, dismissing Steadman as a charlatan, but he’s struggling to pin the murder on him.

Perhaps the team’s new recruit might be able to lend a hand (or should we say a paw?) – as JP (Tobi Bakare) is entrusted with a police dog.

Unfortunately, Pico turns out to be the laziest officer Saint Marie has ever seen – he’s even more workshy than Dwayne!