Debbie aims at Brax… and shoots Josh!

The court sentences Brax to 15 years with a non-parole period of 10 years. The Braxtons are devastated. Maddy and Josh are still living rough, and Maddy feels guilty about leaving Roo. Andy’s been trying to contact Josh and reveals that Brax is being sentenced today for killing their dad, Johnny. Josh tells Maddy he needs to go. When Josh meets Andy he’s angry to find their mother in the car, and is shocked to hear Andy’s plan to kill Brax. As Brax is led outside the court it’s Debbie Barrett that goes to shoot her husband’s killer. Josh jumps in her way, saving Brax. Debbie is devastated and Brax orders Ricky to look after Josh, before being manhandled into the police truck.

John asks Jett to help him with a web designer at Yabbie Creek. Marilyn asks John not to go – she has a bad feeling about it. Unfortunately, John starts to choke in the diner, and is saved by Marilyn. John’s grateful, and Jett urges John to take the opportunity to reveal his feelings.

Maddy shows up at The Diner and Roo is over the moon to have her back. Alf’s more than happy to mend things and Roo asks for a place for Josh to stay while he goes to visit Pippa and Sally.