Debbie and Emma put Moses in danger!

*First episode*

So Debbie’s cut Emma out of Moses’ life and the gran is fuming. But Emma isn’t about to let her grandson go easily and soon has a plan in mind. Pulling a sickie, she tears off in her car and soon arrives… at the prison. She’s there to meet Charity and offers Moses’ jailbird mum a favour in return for full custody of Moses! How will Charity react?

Later, Emma returns to the village still spoiling for a fight. Turning up outside Debbie’s place, she hurls abuse at Debbie from the street. Inside, Debbie is giving the kids a bath. Turning her back on the children to deal with Emma, both women are stopped in their angry tracks when Sarah screams. Something’s happened to baby Moses…

Having kissed Joanie, Zak is feeling totally tortured by his betrayal. And Joanie’s not feeling much better. Unable to carry on working alongside Zak’s wife, Lisa, guilty Joanie quits and claims to have found work elsewhere.

It’s full steam ahead for Diane, who has the Woolie valued in advance of selling her half. She’s still yet to tell co-owner Chas about it – and instead Diane tells Chas’s ex, Gordon, during a chemo session. Gordon opens up to Diane, too, admitting he wants to get back in touch with Chas and his estranged son Aaron.