Debbie’s no fool so when she hears about the hijack on Jimmy’s van, she’s pretty sure she knows who’s involved. But when she confronts Ross, her secret lover denies it. Fortunately for Ross, Debbie laps up his lies. But he’s soon having to cover his tracks when she then starts talking about Moses’ mystery dad. Obviously, she has no idea Ross slept with her mum Charity and got her pregnant! Not knowing what to say, Ross kisses Debbie – but someone is watching them from afar…

Carly panics when Bob reveals the police know about her part in the fraud. He wants to tell Brenda about the hijack but Carly pleads with him not to. When the police arrive, Carly dodges questioning by pretending to be someone else! Will she take her avoidance one step further and leg it so she doesn’t have to deal with the mess?

Emma turns to her date, Dr Bailey, when her divorce papers arrive. Soon enough, he’s guilt-tripped into another date with her, but inwardly the doc is finding Emma way too intense.