Debbie blackmails Kelly

Debbie realises that she won’t be able to give Zak his loan straight away as she’s low on funds, so she decides on a spot of blackmail. Debbie confronts Kelly and reveals that she has a photo of her snogging Eli. Kelly is horrified when Debbie demands cash to keep quiet. She lies to Jimmy that she has some extra wedding expenses and he gives her £2000.

Carl bows out of sticking around for the delivery of Tom’s headstone and heads over to Grace. Carl is surprised when Grace reveals that she’s asked for a transfer and he wonders if she’s doing it for his sake. Meanwhile, Matthew is furious that Carl has missed the delivery of the headstone and he’s convinced that Carl is seeing Grace.

Sam is still feeling bad about losing Zak the fight money and he offers to move out so that Zak and Lisa can rent one of the rooms in the cottage. Lisa is horrified by the idea, but Sam insists and he gets reassurance about his decision from Emily.

Also, David agrees to be a franchisee for Nicola; Viv is down when she fails to get her Courier column back.